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Theatre Arts (TA) Minor

Theatre Arts Minor

With the assistance of an advisor from the Theatre and Cinema faculty, a student wishing to pursue a minor in Theatre Arts must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours from the list provided here. Any substitutions must be approved by the minor advisor.

Of the 18 hours required, a minimum of 6 hours must be in the 3000 and/or 4000 level courses.

Below is a list of all Theatre Arts and Cinema courses that may be applied to the Theatre Arts minor. A Theatre Arts faculty advisor can assist in selecting which courses to take using the list below. Prerequisites may apply. Consult the University Course Catalog and current Timetable.

TA 2014Introduction to Theatre 3
TA 2024Introduction to Acting3
TA/AFST/ENGL 2044Contemporary African American Theatre3
CINE 2054Introduction to Cinema3
TA 2104Fundamentals of Theatre and Production3
TA 2114Script Analysis3
TA 2204Creative Dance3
TA 2404Introduction to Applied Collaborative Techniques3
TA 2414Stage and Lighting Technology3
TA 2604Introduction to Arts Marketing3
TA 2964Field Study (variable credit)1-19
TA 2974Independent Study (variable credit)1-19
TA 3014Theatre Production Lab (9 credits max.; some are variable credit) 1 1-3
TA 3024Intermediate Acting for Non-Theatre Major3
TA 3105History of Drama and Theatre3
TA 3106History of Drama and Theatre3
TA/ENGL 3315Playwriting (consent of instructor required)3
TA 3604Arts Management3
TA 3624Stage Management3
TA 3954Study Abroad (variable credit)1-19
TA 4304Theatre Outreach (variable credit, consent of instructor required)1-3

Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Production Run Crew, Management, Stage Management, Cinema Production Crew, General

The following courses can be applied toward the minor, but they generally are restricted to majors. Instructor permission is required for students in the minor to enroll in these courses.

TA 2164Scene Design Lab3
TA 2174Costume Design Lab3
TA 2144Foundations of Movement and Voice3
TA 2224Intermediate Performance Intensive3
TA 3104Sound Technology Topics (variable credit)3-6
TA 3114Scenography Topics (variable credit)9
TA 3124Costume Design and Technology Topics (variable credit)1-9
TA 3134Lighting Topics (variable credit)1-9
TA 3144Theatre Technology Topics (variable credit)9
TA 3154Acting Topics (variable credit)9
TA 3164Voice and Speech Topics (variable credit)9
TA 3174Movement Topics (variable credit)9
TA 4014Contemporary Theatre Seminar3
TA 4315Directing3
TA 4316Directing3
TA 4704Professional Theatre Internship (variable credit/ 9 min, 15 max)9-15
TA 4964Field Study (variable credit)1-19
TA 4974Independent Study (variable credit)1-19
TA 4994Undergraduate Research (variable credit)1-19

Note: No CINE courses, with the exception of CINE 2054 Introduction to Cinema Introduction to Cinema, may be applied to the Theatre Arts minor.