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Actuarial Science (ACSC) Minor

Required Minor Courses
Complete Courses from five areas of study.
I. Probability
STAT 4105Theoretical Statistics 13
or STAT 4705 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
II. Finance
FIN 3104Introduction to Finance3
FIN 3134Financial Analytics3
III. Statistics-Regression
Select one of the following:3
Statistical Methods
and Statistical Methods
Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Methods of Regression Analysis
Introduction to Business Statistics, Analytics, and Modeling 2
IV Statistics-Time Series
STAT 4534Applied Statistical Time Series Analysis3
V. Economics
ECON 2005Principles of Economics3
ECON 2006Principles of Economics3
Total Credits21

STAT 4714 Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineers may replace STAT 4105 Theoretical Statistics or STAT 4705 Probability and Statistics for Engineers if taken before the minor was declared.


BIT 2406 Introduction to Business Statistics, Analytics, and Modeling is appropriate for Pamplin College of Business Majors only. Students in other programs must select from the other courses in area III.

Prerequisites and Course Duplications

Some courses might have prerequisites not shown. Students are required to double check course prerequisites, the duplicate course list, and equivalents. Please see your advisor or consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog for more information.

Satisfactory Progress

  • A minor GPA of 2.0 or higher must be attained in the courses counting toward the minor.
  • A grade of B- or better must be earned in the classes listed in sections II, III, IV, and V to be eligible for the Society of Actuaries Validation by Educational Experience.