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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Minor

Program Curriculum

I. Core Areas Elective Courses
Select three courses from the approved minor list
Philosophy 13
Political Science3
II. PPE Gateway Course 2
Select one of the following:3
PPE Gateway Course 1
III. Applied Areas Elective Course
Select one course from the approved minor list3
IV. PPE Capstone Course 4
Select one of the following:3
PPE Capstone Course 1
Total Credits18

Courses satisfy the following Pathways General Education core and integrated outcomes:

  1. I. Core Areas Elective Courses, Philosophy - Critical Thinking in Humanities and Ethical Reasoning,
  2. PPE 2894 PPE Gateway Course - Reasoning in the Social Sciences and Ethical Reasoning, and
  3. PPE 4884 PPE Capstone Course – Advanced Discourse and Intercultural Global Awareness.

Please be aware that depending on student major, course(s) completed to satisfy program degree core requirements may limit the use of specific course(s) listed on this minor from being completed to satisfy Pathway General Education requirement(s).


Sophomore standing required


Senior standing required

Additional Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Students are strongly advised to take one (elective) course in each of the three core areas of the PPE Minor before they take the PPE Gateway Course.
  2. The PPE Gateway Course must be taken before the PPE Capstone Course, which is assumed to be the final course for fulfilment of the PPE Minor requirements.
  3. At least one (core or applied area) elective course must be taken at the 3000-4000 level.
  4. All courses for the PPE Minor must be taken A/F and be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  5. According to Policy 11(c) all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor will be used to determine the minor GPA.

Core Areas Elective Courses

Area 1: Philosophy
PHIL 1304Morality and Justice3
PHIL 2304Global Ethics3
PSCI/PHIL/PPE 3016Political Theory 13
PHIL/PPE 3314Ethical Theory 13
PHIL/PPE 4304Political Philosophy3
PHIL 4324Business and Professional Ethics3
PHIL 4334Jurisprudence 13
Core Area 2: Political Science
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to United States Government and Politics
Honors Introduction to United States Government and Politics
Introduction to Political Theory
PSCI/PPE 2024Research Methods in Political Science 13
PSCI/GEOG/IS 2054Introduction to World Politics3
PSCI/GEOG/IS 2064The Global Economy and World Politics3
PSCI/PHIL/PPE 3016Political Theory 13
PSCI/UAP 3344Global Environmental Issues: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 13
PSCI 3554Comparative Political Economy 13
PSCI 3724Poverty and Welfare Policy 13
PSCI 3744Public Policy Analysis 13
PSCI 3764Contemporary Democratic Theory 13
PSCI/IS 4054Seminar in Global Political Economy 13
PSCI 4214Senior Seminar in Political Behavior 13
PSCI 4724Senior Seminar in Political Theory 13
Core Area 3: Economics
AAEC 1005Economics of the Food and Fiber System (micro)3
ECON 1104Economics of Gender3
ECON 1204Economics of Race3
ECON/PPE 1214Economic History of Diversity and Inclusion3
ECON 2005Principles of Economics (microeconomics)3
ECON 2025HHonors Principles of Economics (microeconomics)3
ECON 3004Contemporary Economic Issues 13
ECON/PPE 3024Economic Justice 13
ECON 3104Microeconomic Theory 13
ECON/BDS 3134Choice and Behavior 13
ECON 4014Environmental Economics 13
ECON 4044Public Economics 13
ECON 4074Labor Economics 13
ECON 4124Growth and Development 13
ECON/AAEC 4135International Economics 13
ECON 4214Economics of Health Care 13
ECON 4424The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior 13
ECON 4434Experimental Economics 13
NEUR 4454Neuroeconomics 13
ECON 4894Law and Economics 13

These courses have prerequisites or co-requisites that must be satisfied. Please consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog for the latest statement of these requirements.

Applied Areas Elective Courses

Applied Area 1: Business
MGT 3074Social Entrepreneurship 13
MKTG 3104Marketing Management 13
or MKTG 3104H Marketing Management
MGT 3304Management Theory and Leadership Practice 13
MGT 3314International Business 13
MGT 3324Organization Behavior 13
MGT 3334Managing Human Resources 13
MGT 3344Employee & Labor Relations 13
MGT 3444Multicultural Diversity in Organizations3
MKTG 3504Advertising 13
MGT 3614Strategy and Competition Analytics 13
MGT 4084Management Consulting 13
MKTG 4304Marketing Communications 13
MGT 4314International Management 13
MGT 4334Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility 13
MKTG 4554Principles of Professional Selling 13
MKTG 4644Marketing, Society and the Public Interest 13
MKTG 4704International Marketing 13
Applied Area 2: Engineering
ENGE 1215
ENGE 1216
Foundations of Engineering
and Foundations of Engineering (2+2 credit hours) 1
ENGR 1814Energy, Resource Development and the Environment3
ISE 2404Deterministic Operations Research I 13
ENGR 3124Introduction to Green Engineering 13
ISE 3414Probabilistic Operations Research 13
ISE 3614Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics 13
ISE 3624Industrial Ergonomics 13
ISE 4004Theory of Organization3
ISE 4015Management Systems Theory, Applications, and Design3
ENGR 4134Environmental Life Cycle Assessment 13
ISE 4304Global Issues in Industrial Management3
Applied Area 3: Urban Affairs and Planning
UAP 1024Leadership, Service, and Public Problem Solving3
GEOG/SPIA 2244Sustainable Urbanization3
UAP 3014Urban Policy and Planning 13
UAP/PSCI 3344Global Environmental Issues: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 13
UAP 3354Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning3
UAP 4264Environmental Ethics and Policy 13
UAP 4344Law of Critical Environmental Areas3
UAP 4754Legal Foundations of Planning3
Applied Area 4: Geography
GEOG 2034Geography of Global Conflict3
GEOG/PSCI/IS 2054Introduction to World Politics3
GEOG/PSCI/IS 2064The Global Economy and World Politics3
GEOG 2134Geography of the Global Economy3
GEOG 2214Geography of North America3
GEOG/SPIA 2244Sustainable Urbanization3
GEOG 3104Environmental Problems, Population, and Development3
GEOG 3254Geography of East Asia3
GEOG 4204Geography of Resources3
GEOG 4764International Development Policy and Planning3
Applied Area 5: Agriculture and Applied Economics
AAEC 1264Peace Economics3
AAEC 3024Monetary and Global Issues in Applied Economics 13
AAEC 3204International Agricultural Development and Trade 13
AAEC 3314Environmental Law3
AAEC 3324Environment and Sustainable Development Economics 13
AAEC/ECON 4135International Economics 13
AAEC 4314Environmental Economic Analysis and Management 13
AAEC 4344Sustainable Development Economics 13
AAEC 4814Food and Health Economics 13
Applied Area 6: Fish, Wildlife, Forest, and Environmental Conservation
FREC 2004Forest Ecosystems 13
FIW 2114Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation 13
FREC 2124Forests, Society & Climate3
FREC 2554Leadership for Global Sustainability3
FREC 2784Global Forest Sustainability3
FIW 3414Disease Ecology and Ecosystem Health 13
FREC 4014Natural Resources Economics 13
FREC 4424Forest Resources Economics and Management 13
FREC 4434Natural Resource Policy 13
FIW 4464Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife 13
FREC 4454Urban and Community Forestry 13

These courses have prerequisites or co-requisites that must be satisfied. Please consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog for the latest statement of these requirements.