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International Relations (IREL) Minor

Required Minor Courses
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
Introduction to Political Theory
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to World Politics
The Global Economy and World Politics
Select one of the following:3
International Relations
International Relations
Elective Courses
Select nine (9) credit hours from the approved International Relations (IREL) Minor Elective List including a minimum of six (6) credit hours from 3000 and 4000 level courses.9
Total Credits18

Hours Requirement: A minimum of 18 hours is required to graduate with an International Relations (IREL) minor.

GPA requirement: GPA of 2.0 is required for the IS minor. All courses listed on this checksheet are included in the International Relations minor GPA calculation.

Prerequisites: Some courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites. Be sure to consult the University Catalog and/or check with your advisor.

Dual Use of Courses: Only required courses common across departmental majors and minors can double count.

Intra-departmental majoring and minoring: Due to overlapping of courses, students cannot pursue another major within the Department of Political Science. However, they can pursue any of the minors offered by the department except the Minor in Political Science.

Elective Courses for International Relations (IREL) Minor

Please note that not all courses are offered each semester. Check in the Undergraduate Course Catalog or with the department offering the course to find out when courses are offered.

International Studies (IS)

IS/PSCI 1114Introduction to Transatlantic Studies3
IS/PSCI/GEOG 2034Geography of Global Conflict3
IS/PSCI 2104Europe Country Analysis3
IS/PSCI 2114Transatlantic Political Frameworks3
IS/PSCI/GEOG 2134Geography of the Global Economy3
IS/PSCI/GEOG 2224Geography of Europe3
IS 2474Religion and Violence3
IS/PSCI 3374The Politics of Energy3
IS 3594Topics in Middle East Politics and International Relations3
IS 3615International Relations3
IS 3616International Relations3
IS/PSCI 3634Human Rights: Global Issues3
IS/PSCI 3804European Integration3
IS/PSCI 3814The European Union: Institutions and Policies3
IS/PSCI 3824European Union's Foreign and Security Policy3
IS/PSCI 3825European Union's Foreign Relations3
IS/PSCI 3826European Union's Foreign Relations3
IS/PSCI 3834European Security Governance3
IS/PSCI/GEOG 3844European Geopolitics3
IS/PSCI 3854European Political Economy3
IS/SOC 3884Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe3
IS/PSCI 3894Transatlantic Relations Since 19453
IS/PSCI 3914European Economics3
IS/PSCI 3924Theories of Transatlantic Relations3
IS/PSCI 3934NATO & European Security3
IS/PSCI 4034Topics in Diplomacy Lab3
IS 4044International Communication3
IS 4104Topics in European Studies3
IS 4114Topics in European Union Policies3
IS 4124Topics in European Integration3
IS 4134Capstone Research Project in European Studies3
IS/PSCI 4144Topics in Transatlantic Relations3
IS/PSCI 4154Topics in Transatlantic Studies3
IS/PSCI 4184Capstone Project Transatlantic Studies3
IS/PSCI 4614Senior Seminar in International Relations3
IS/PSCI 4734Theories and Practices of International Conflict Management3
IS/PSCI 4735Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop3
IS/PSCI 4736Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop3

Political Science (PSCI)

PSCI 1024Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics3
PSCI 2014Introduction to Political Theory3
PSCI/PHIL 3015Political Theory3
PSCI 3016Political Theory3
PSCI 3255The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender3
PSCI 3256The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender3
PSCI 3514Latin American Government and Politics3
PSCI 3515European Political Systems3
PSCI 3516European Political Systems3
PSCI 3524Politics of Post-Communist Systems3
PSCI 3534African Government and Politics3
PSCI/JUD/RLCL 3544The State of Israel: A Political History3
PSCI 3564Violent Political Change3
PSCI 3574Government and Politics of Japan3
PSCI 3584Governments and Politics of Asia3
PSCI/AINS 3684Indigenous Peoples and World Politics3
PSCI 3764Contemporary Democratic Theory3
PSCI/UAP 3774Marxian Political Analysis3
PSCI 3784Origins of the State3
PSCI 4514Senior Seminar in Comparative Politics3
PSCI 4724Senior Seminar in Political Theory3