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History (HIST) Minor

To earn a minor in history, a student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of history courses with a minimum 2.0 GPA in all courses taken to satisfy the minor. The 18 hours for the minor must include at least 3 hours of credit from each of three of the four groups of HIST courses (Groups I-IV). At least 12 of the 18 hours must be on the 2000 level or above, and at least 6 of the 18 must be at the 3000 level or above. No more than 6 hours maximum can be counted from the 1000 level. 1000 level HIST courses count as elective credit towards the minor.

2000- and 3000-level HIST courses are divided into the following four groups:

  1. Empires, Colonialism, and Globalization;
  2. Ideas, Traditions, and Cultures;
  3. Science, Technology, Environment, Medicine;
  4. Conflict, War, and Peace.

HIST 1014 Topics in Reacting to the Past, HIST 2984 Special Study, HIST 3984 Special Study, HIST 2104 Topics and Critical Issues in US History, HIST 2114 Topics and Critical Issues in European History, HIST 2124 Topics and Critical Issues in World History, HIST 3914 Critical Reading and Analysis in History and HIST 4914 History Research Seminar can be substituted to appropriate groups. Please see course schedule or advisor for more information.

Required Minor Courses
Select a minimum of 18 semester hours of history courses 118
At least 12 hours at the 2000 level or above
At least 6 hours at the 3000 level or above
Total Credits18

The 18 hours for the minor must include at least 3 hours of credit from each of three of the four groups of HIST courses (Groups I-IV).

History Depth Studies Course Groupings (HIST)

HIST Group I (Empires, Colonialism, and Globalization)

HIST 1224Conquest and Culture in Latin American Empires3
HIST 2165History of France3
HIST 2166History of France3
HIST 2346History of the Middle East3
HIST 2364History of Japan3
HIST/RLCL 2384Gandhi in the Making of Modern India3
HIST 2484Modern Germany3
HIST 3004Colonial America3
HIST 3014The American Revolution3
HIST 3174Native American History3
HIST 3274The Greek City3
HIST 3314The Later Roman Empire3
HIST 3234The North American West3
HIST 3294Roman Britain3
HIST 3364The Age of Revolution and Napoleon3
HIST 3374French Empire3
HIST 3554Age of Globalization3
HIST 3594The Rise of Modern Latin America3
HIST 3604Russia to Peter the Great3
HIST 3614Imperial Russia3
HIST/AFST/IS 3864Development and Humanitarianism in Africa3

HIST Group II (Ideas, Traditions, and Cultures)

HIST 2134The Revolution Will Be Televised: Topics in History on TV3
HIST/CLA 2224Ancient Greek and Roman Women3
HIST/CLA 2234Classics in the Modern World3
HIST/CLA 2244Cities of Rome3
HIST 2264America in the 1960s3
HIST 2355History of China3
HIST 2356History of China3
HIST/RLCL 2374Gods and Kings in Premodern India3
HIST/AFST 2275African-American History3
HIST/AFST 2276African-American History3
HIST 2494Cities in History3
HIST/CRIM 2504Crime and Punishment in American History3
HIST 2514U.S. Food History3
HIST 3064Emergence of Modern America, 1877-19173
HIST 3084Recent America, 1917-Present3
HIST 3104United States Social History3
HIST 3105Women in U S History3
HIST 3106Women in U S History3
HIST 3124Murder in American History3
HIST 3134Sports in American History3
HIST 3164Sexuality in American History3
HIST 3205U.S. South3
HIST 3206U.S. South3
HIST 3214History of Appalachia3
HIST 3224History of Virginia3
HIST 3324The Medieval World3
HIST 3334The Renaissance3
HIST 3344The Era of The Reformation3
HIST/RLCL 3504The Age of The Crusades3
HIST 3684Cultural History of the Soviet Union and the Successor States3
HIST 3694History through Film3
HIST 3744Social History of Film3

HIST Group III (Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine)

HIST 2054Engineering Cultures3
HIST 2524History of Agriculture3
HIST/SOC/STS 2604Introduction to Data in Social Context3
HIST 2624Topics in the History of Data in Social Context3
HIST/STS 2715History of Technology3
HIST/STS 2716History of Technology3
HIST 3114History of Capitalism3
HIST 3144American Environmental History3
HIST 3624Health and Illness in African History3
HIST/STS 3705History of Science3
HIST/STS 3706History of Science3
HIST 3714War and Medicine3
HIST 3724History of Disease, Medicine, and Health3
HIST/STS 3734History of Modern Biology3

HIST Group IV (Conflict, War and Peace)

HIST 1354Conflict and Security in Modern East Asia3
HIST 2184History of the Balkans3
HIST 2345History of the Middle East3
HIST 2534America at War3
HIST 3054The American Civil War3
HIST 3254The Vietnam War3
HIST 3284The Roman Revolution3
HIST 3304The World of Alexander the Great3
HIST 3354Reform and Revolution in Early Modern England3
HIST 3394Europe Since World War II3
HIST/JUD/RLCL 3494The Holocaust3
HIST 3524European Military History to 17893
HIST 3534Modern Military History3
HIST 3544World War II3
HIST 3564The Cold War3
HIST 3644Twentieth-Century Russia3
HIST 3654Arab-Israeli Conflict3
HIST 3664Revolutionary China3