2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences (CSES) Minor

Required Minor Courses
CSES 2444Agronomic Crops3
or SPES 2244 World Crops: Food and Culture
Select one of the following:3-4
Soils Laboratory
Soils Laboratory
Soils in the Landscape
Restricted Electives
Select a minimum of 9 credits of the following:9
Agronomic Crops (whichever wasn’t taken above in “required courses”)
World Crops: Food and Culture
Foundations of Precision Agriculture
Turfgrass Management
Agriculture, Global Food Security and Health
Golf and Sports Turf Management
Plant Materials for Environmental Restoration
Soil Genesis and Classification
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Soil Fertility and Management
Crop Physiology and Ecology
Forage Crop Ecology
Soil Microbiology
Environmental Soil Chemistry
Fundamentals of Environmental Science
Ecological Restoration
Cannabis - Science, Industry, and Culture
Optional Restricted Electives
Select a maximum 4 credits of the following:3-4
Insect Pest Management
Pesticide Usage
Plant Pathology
Total Credits18-20
  • Minimum Credits for the minor = 18
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 for courses taken towards the minor.
  • Some courses listed on this checksheet may have prerequisites, please consult the University Course Catalog, or check with your advisor.