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Global Engagement (GLBE) Minor

Program Curriculum

Required Minor Courses
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to World Politics
The Global Economy and World Politics
Selected World Problems
Selected World Problems
Elective Courses
Select 15 hours from the following:15
Study Abroad
Topics in Diplomacy Lab
Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop
Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop
Intelligence Analysis Workshop
Field Study
Undergraduate Research
Total Credits18

Some courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites, please consult the University Course Catalog, or check with your advisor.

Hours Requirement: A minimum of eighteen (18) credit hours is required to graduate with a minor in Global Engagement.

Minor GPA: GPA of 2.0 is required for the minor. All courses all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor will be used to determine the minor GPA

Maximum number of credit hours: For the following courses the maximum number of credits that can awarded are as follows: IS 3954 Study Abroad (12); IS 4034 Topics in Diplomacy Lab (9); IS 4735 Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop (3); IS 4736 Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop (3); IS 4744 Intelligence Analysis Workshop (3); IS 4754 Internship (9); IS 4964 Field Study (6); IS 4994 Undergraduate Research (9)

Course content: To count for the Minor in Global Engagement the location or the content/topic of the following courses should be international in character: IS 4964 Field Study and IS 4994 Undergraduate Research. These courses will be evaluated and approved by the International Studies Program advisor.

Experiential learning courses: Other courses with an experiential learning component could be consider for elective credit. Consult a Global Engagement Minor advisor for more information.

Political Science Major Restriction: Coursework for the Global Engagement minor cannot double count toward a major in Political Science (any option).