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Nuclear Engineering (NE) Minor


The purpose of the Minor in Nuclear Engineering is to

  1. provide a more thorough technical foundation in nuclear engineering; and
  2. prepare the student for a career in the nuclear industry or for graduate studies in nuclear engineering.

Minor Requirements

  1. Complete the basic requirements for a Bachelor's degree.
  2. Complete a minimum of 18 credits of nuclear engineering-related coursework - 12 credits of required courses and 6 credits of elective courses from the attached, approved list.
  3. Maintain a 2.0 in-Minor GPA with a minimum grade of C- or better in all courses which count toward the Minor, with the exception of MATH 2214 Introduction to Differential Equations which must receive a passing grade. No Pass/Fail grades will be permitted.
Required Minor Courses
MATH 2214Introduction to Differential Equations3
NSEG 3145Fundamentals of Nuclear Engr 13
NSEG 3146Fundamental of Nuclear Engr 13
NSEG 3604Radiation Detection, Protection and Shielding3
Elective Courses
Select two of the following:6
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear Power Plant Operations
Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
Nuclear Materials
Independent Study (3 hours max)
Undergraduate Research (3 hours max)
Total Credits18

NSEG 5114 Nuclear Eng Fundamentals may be substituted for the NSEG 3145 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engr/NSEG 3146 Fundamental of Nuclear Engr sequence but then a third elective course will be required for a total of 18 credit hours

It is the responsibility of the student to asssure that all pre-requisites are met prior to registration for any course within the Minor.