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Asian Studies (ASIA) Minor

The Minor in Asian Studies (ASIA) requires the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA in all courses. Courses must be taken for a grade (not P/F). Courses must be distributed as below, including at least 6 credits in 3000-4000 level courses. Substitutions are allowed for up to 6 credits of HIST 4974 Independent Study, special studies courses (HIST 1984 Special Study, HIST 2984 Special Study, HIST 3984 Special Study, HIST 4984 Special Study), undergraduate research, Honors Colloquia, or other classes if the topic is appropriate, with prior approval of the Coordinator. No more than 50% of the coursework for the Minor may double-count for a History Major or Minor, Chinese Studies Minor, Religion and Culture Minor, or Japanese Studies Minor.

I. Foundational Courses
HIST 1354Conflict and Security in Modern East Asia3
or RLCL 1904 Religion and Culture In Asia
II. Elective Credit
Select four courses, from at least two of the following groups:12
a. History
History of China
History of China
History of Japan
Gods and Kings in Premodern India
Gandhi in the Making of Modern India
The Vietnam War
Revolutionary China
Topics in Chinese History
b. Culture and Society
Islamic Art and Architecture
Arts of China and Japan
Chinese Culture and Civilization
Topics in Chinese Cinema
Asian American Experience
Religion and Culture in India
Religion and Culture in China and Japan
c. Language 1
Elementary Chinese
and Elementary Chinese
Elementary Chinese
Intermediate Chinese
and Intermediate Chinese
Intermediate Chinese
Advanced Chinese
and Advanced Chinese
Advanced Chinese
Modern China through the Media
Elementary Korean
and Elementary Korean
Elementary Korean
Elementary Japanese
and Elementary Japanese
Elementary Japanese
Intermediate Japanese
and Intermediate Japanese
Intermediate Japanese
Advanced Japanese
and Advanced Japanese
Advanced Japanese
Japanese for Oral Proficiency
Japanese Advanced Grammar
d. Social Sciences and Geography 1
Economics of China
Government and Politics of Japan
Governments and Politics of Asia
Geography of Tea
Geography of East Asia
III. Capstone Experience
Select one of the following:3
Study abroad in Asia (options in AHRM, BUS, CHN, JPN, HIST, RLCL or other study abroad credits in Asia).
Independent Study
Undergraduate Research
3XXX or 4XXX
Topics class on subject related to Asian Studies, with prior approval of coordinator.
Total Credits18

Some courses listed on this checksheet may have pre-/co-requisites; please consult the University Course Catalog or check with your advisor. (Rev. 11/11/2021)

Coordinators: Dr. Helen Schneider (hms@vt.edu) and Dr. Allan Lumba (lumba@vt.edu) (History)