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Environmental Science (ENSC) Minor

Required Minor Courses
Select 6 or 7 credits of the following:6-7
and Soils Laboratory (courses cross listed with ENSC 3114 and GEOS 3614)
or CSES 3134
Fundamentals of Environmental Science
Restricted Electives
Select minimum: 9 credits of the following, 6 or more from courses beginning with CSES/ENSC)9
Small Watershed Hydrology
Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment and Control
Freshwater Ecology
Chemical Ecology
Aquatic Entomology
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Green Chemistry
Soil Physical and Hydrological Properties
CSES 3644/ENSC 3634
Soil Genesis and Classification
CSES 4164/ENSC 4134
Managed Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Sustainability
CSES 4774/ENSC 4734/CHEM 4734
Wetland Soils and Mitigation
Ecological Restoration
Watersheds and Water Quality Monitoring
Forest Soil and Watershed Management
Forested Wetlands
Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Management
Ecology and Management of Wetland Systems
Environmental Geochemistry
Groundwater Hydrology
Optional Restricted Electives
Select maximum 6 credits of the following:6
Environmental Law
Environment and Sustainable Development Economics
Environmental Economic Analysis and Management
Global Environmental Issues: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning
Law of Critical Environmental Areas
Land Use and Environment: Planning and Policy
Total Credits21-22

Prerequisites: Some courses listed on this checksheet may have pre-/co-requisites; please consult the University Course Catalog or check with your advisor.

Minimum Credits for the Minor: 21 Total credits
Minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 for courses taken towards the minor.