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Geosciences (GEOS) Minor

The Department of Geosciences offers a minor for students who wish to develop a working knowledge of earth systems to complement their primary majors. In order to minor in Geosciences, a student must complete the courses below with a minimum in-minor GPA of 2.0.

Section 1. GEOS Foundation
Select one of the following options:6-7
Option 1:
Earth Science: Our Past, Present, and Future
and Introduction to Earth Sciences Laboratory
Elements of Geology
Evolution of the Earth-Life System
Option 2:
Earth's Dynamic Systems
Section 2. GEOS Electives
GEOS 3000 or 4000 Electives 112
Total Credits18-19

4 credit courses may also be used to meet requirements

GEOS 3000/4000 Electives

GEOS 3014Environmental Geosciences3
GEOS 3024Computational Methods in the Geosciences3
GEOS 3034Oceanography3
GEOS 3044Geosciences Outreach2
GEOS 3104Elementary Geophysics 13
GEOS 3204Sedimentology-Stratigraphy3
GEOS 3304Geomorphology3
GEOS 3404Elements of Structural Geology3
GEOS 3504Mineralogy 13
GEOS 3604Paleontology3
GEOS 3614Soils 13
GEOS 3634Natural History Collections and Curation3
GEOS 3644Paleontological Laboratory Techniques 12
GEOS 3704Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks3
GEOS 3954Study Abroad (variable credits)1-19
GEOS 4084Modeling with Geographic Information Systems 13
GEOS 4124Seismic Stratigraphy 13
GEOS 4134Interdisciplinary Issues and Ethics in Water Resources3
GEOS 4154Earthquake Seismology 13
GEOS 4164Potential Field Methods in Exploration Geophysics 14
GEOS 4174Exploration Seismology 14
GEOS 4234Vertebrate Evolution4
GEOS 4244Morphology of the Vertebrates4
GEOS 4254Integrative Earth System History 13
GEOS 4264Sedimentary Basins 13
GEOS 4354Introduction to Remote Sensing3
GEOS 4404Advanced Structural Geology 13
GEOS 4624Mineral Deposits3
GEOS 4634Environmental Geochemistry 13
GEOS 4714Volcanoes and Volcanic Processes3
GEOS 4804Groundwater Hydrology 13
GEOS 4824Engineering Geology 13
GEOS 4924Tectonics 14

Denotes that there is/are prerequisite(s) in addition to the foundational courses listed in Section 1. If you are concerned about prerequisite requirements, please contact geosciences@vt.edu with any questions.