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Integrative Health and Wellness (IHW) Minor

The minor in Integrative Health and Wellness requires the completion of 18 credit hours distributed as below. All courses must be taken and passed on an A-F basis unless only offered on P/F basis.

Required Minor Courses
PHS 1514Personal Health3
HNFE 2334Introduction to Integrative Health3
HD 2014Integrative Practices for Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience 13
Restricted Electives
Select 9 credits minimum of the following; 6 of these credits must be 3000 or 4000 level:9
Interpersonal Communication
Issues in Health Communication
Functional Foods for Health
Human Sexuality 1
Health and Illness in African History
History of Disease, Medicine, and Health 1
Food and Nutritional Toxicology
Alternative and Complementary Nutrition Therapies
Plants and Greenspaces in Urban Communities 1
Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Biomedical Ethics
Psychology of Personality
Human Behaviors and Natural Environments 1
Health Psychology
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 1
Religion and Culture In Asia 1
African Religions
Religion and Culture in India 1
Medical Sociology
Sociology of Mental Illness
Religion and Science 1
Medical Dilemmas and Human Experience 1
UH 3004
XXXX 4964, 4974, or 4994
Field Study, Independent study or Undergraduate study 2
Total Credits18

Pathways courses


May be included in the minor up to 3 credit hours (1 credit hour = 45 hours of work) when the topic is relevant to the Integrative Health and Wellness, as approved in advance by the minor coordinator and the course instructor, and/or the designated Department undergraduate coordinator.

Seats in elective courses are not guaranteed.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill the minor is required. A faculty advisor in the Office of Academic Programs will serve as a counterpart to the student’s major advisor. Students choosing the minor in Integrative Health and Wellness will register with the Office of Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 1060 Litton-Reaves Hall. This will enable the college to provide any pertinent assistance, materials and information to the student. Some courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites, please consult the University Course Catalog, or check with your advisor.