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Cybersecurity (CYBR) Minor

Required Minor Courses
ECE 4560Computer and Network Security Fundamentals3
CS 4264Principles of Computer Security3
Networks Group
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Computer Networking
Network Application Design
Cloud Software Development
Computer Network Architecture and Programming
Systems Group
Select one of the following:3
Computer Systems
Computer Organization
Applied Software Design
Interdisciplinary Group
Select one of the following:3
Information Systems Security and Assurance
Information Security
Software Reverse Engineering
Cyberlaw and Policy
Additional Required Elective Course (3c)
Select one additional course from the Networks, Systems, or Interdisciplinary List3
Seminar 1c
ECE 4944Cybersecurity Seminar (offered Spring semester only)1
Total Credits19


  1. Students majoring in Secure Computing in Computer Science are not eligible to enroll in the Cybersecurity Minor due to course duplication.
  2. To declare the Cybersecurity Minor, a student must be in a degree-granting major and have completed one of the following courses: CS 3214 Computer Systems or ECE 3574 Applied Software Design.
  3. The following substitutions are accepted for the Cybersecurity Minor:
    Required Minor Courses
    CS 4254Computer Network Architecture and Programming (or networking area group requirement) 13
    ECE 4560Computer and Network Security Fundamentals (one or the other) 23
    or CS 4264 Principles of Computer Security
    CS/ECE 4504Computer Organization 33
    Interdisciplinary course requirement 43
    Interdisciplinary course requirement 53
    One additional course requirement 63

    Allowed Substitute: CS 5565 Network Architecture and Protocols/ECE 5565 Network Architecture and Protocols


    Allowed Substitute: CS 5560 Fundamentals of Info Security/ECE 5560 Fundamentals of Info Security


    Allowed Substitute: ECE 4530 Hardware-Software Codesign or CS 3274 Software Reverse Engineering/ECE 3274 Electronic Circuits Laboratory II


    Allowed Substitute: PSCI 4164 Future of Security: Integrative Solutions for Complex Security Systems/CS 4164 Future of Security: Integrative Solutions for Complex Security Systems/BIT 4164 Future of Security: Integrative Solutions for Complex Security Systems


    Allowed Substitute: CS 4274 Secure Computing Capstone


    Allowed Substitute: In addition to a course from the networks, systems, or interdisciplinary groups, ECE 5504 Computer Architecture or CS 5204 Operating Systems may be used.

  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the prerequisites for each course. For prerequisite grade requirements and the most accurate and up-to-date prerequisite information, please refer to the timetable of classes.