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Geographic Information Science (GIS-G) Minor Meteorology/Geography Majors

A minimum of 18 credit hours to include:

Required Minor Courses
CS 1064Introduction to Programming in Python3
GEOG/GEOS 4084Modeling with Geographic Information Systems3
GEOG/GEOS 4354Introduction to Remote Sensing3
or FREC 4214 Forest Photogrammetry and Spatial Data Processing
Geographic Information Science Options
Select three of the following:9
Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management
Spatial Analysis in Geographic Information Systems
Algotrithms in Geographic Information Systems
Geospatial Information Technology for Land Change Modeling
Remote Sensing and Phenology
Introduction to Web Mapping
Total Credits18

Please note:

  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 In these courses is required to complete the minor.
  • All minors must Include 6 or more credits at 3000 level or above.
  • All courses must be taken for an A-F grade unless they are only offered P/F.

Steps for completing the minor in Geographic Information Science-G

  • Declare minor using a 'Major/Option/Minor Form' found in the CNRE Advising Center, 138 Cheatham Hall.
  • Include minor information when updating the application for degree in Hokle Spa.
  • Some courses In the minor requirements listed above have prerequisites, so be sure to consult the University Catalog or check with the Minor advisor.
  • Students cannot graduate until they have either:
    1. satisfied the requirements for the minor or
    2. withdrawn from the minor by notifying CNRE Academic Programs office In 138 Cheatham and revised their DARS.