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Tech for Humanity (TFH) Minor

The Minor in Tech for Humanity requires 18 credit hours distributed as follows:

I. Introductory Experience3
Required Minor Courses
STS 1504Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society3
II. Mid-Level Experience9
Required Minor Courses
LAHS 2784Introduction to Public Interest Technology3
Select two of the following: (Students can select EITHER two courses from the "Tech and Critiques of Science, Design, Identity and Equity" electives course list OR one course from the "Tech and Critiques of Science, Design, Identity and Equity" course list and one course from the "Tech and Humanities Perspectives" elective course list)
Select one or two of the following "Tech and Critiques of Science, Design, Identity, and Equity" Electives
SPIA 4464Data and the Art of Policy-Making and Planning3
STS 2034Introduction to Technology and Race3
STS 2604Introduction to Data in Social Context3
STS 2664Technology Ethics3
STS 3284Technology and Disability3
If taking only one "Tech and Critiques of Science, Design, Identity and Equity" elective course above, take ONE of the following "Tech and Humanities Perspectives" Electives:
ENGL 1654Introduction to Science Fiction and Fantasy3
PHIL 3324Biomedical Ethics3
PHIL 3334Ethical Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence3
PSCI 3044The Politics of Internet Governance3
PSCI 3054The Dark Web and Threat Analytics3
PSCI 4074The Politics of Cybersecurity3
SPIA 3554Transdisciplinary Problem Solving for Social Issues3
STS 2054Engineering Cultures3
STS 2254Innovation in Context3
STS 2444Global Science and Technology Policy3
STS 2454Science, Techology, and Environment3
STS 2715History of Technology3
STS 2716History of Technology3
STS 3334Energy and Society3
STS 4304Contemporary Issues in Science, Technology, and Society3
III. Capstone Experience6
Required Minor Courses
LAHS 4115Tech for Humanity Enabling Capability Studio I3
LAHS 4116Tech for Humanity Enabling Capability Studio3
Total Credits18

Graduation Requirements


1. A minimum minor GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill the minor is required.

2. Prerequisites: Some courses listed on this checksheet may have pre-/co-requisites; please consult the University Course Catalog or check with your advisor.