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Food, Agriculture, and Society (FAS) Minor

Introductory/Foundational Experience
ALS 2204Sustainable Food Systems3
HIST/PSCI/RLCL/SOC 1084Food Studies3
Mid-Level Experience (must select at least one Pathways course)12
Economics of the Food and Fiber System
Economics of the Food and Fiber System
Sustainable Development Economics
Food and Health Economics
Food Sovereignty
Indigenous Foodways
Identity and Inclusion in Agricultural and Life Sciences
Communicating Ag and Life Sciences in Writing
Communicating Ag and Life Sciences in Speaking
Community Education and Development
Animals in Society
Animal Nutrition and Feeding
Ecological Agriculture: Theory and Practice
Concepts in Community Food Systems
Introduction to Animal and Poultry Science
Capstone Experience in Animal and Poultry Sciences
Plants and Civilization
Agriculture, Global Food Security and Health
Forage Crop Ecology
Animal Agriculture and the Environment
Food Writing
Foundations of Environmental Science
Foundations of Environmental Science
From Raw to Burnt: Exploring Science and Society through Foods
Food, War and Conflict
Functional Foods for Health
Geography of Tea
Geography of Wine
Tofu to Tikka: Food in Asian History
U.S. Food History
History of Agriculture
American Environmental History
Plants and Greenspaces in Urban Communities
Foods, Nutrition And Exercise
Community Nutrition
Sustainable Agriculture Practicum
Environmental Factors in Horticulture
Greenhouse and Controlled Environment Agriculture Management
Chef Lab: Culinary Operations Management
Food Politics
World Crops: Food and Culture
Capstone Experience
ALS 4224Food, Agriculture, and Society Capstone Seminar1
Total Credits19

A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill the minor is required. 

Minimum credits for the minor is 19.