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Middle East Studies (MEST) Minor

The Minor in Middle East Studies emphasizes a breadth of subjects pertaining to the Middle East and requires completion of 18 semester hours as follows:

I. Required Minor Courses
RLCL 2324Islam3
HIST 2345History of the Middle East3
or HIST 2346 History of the Middle East
Select one of the following:3
Elementary Arabic
Elementary Arabic
Intermediate Arabic
Intermediate Arabic
Advanced Arabic
Advanced Arabic
Topics in Arab Cinema
II. Elective Courses
Select three Elective Courses (two of which must be at the 3000 level or above). Only one elective can be a language class. 19
Religion and Culture
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Women and Gender in Islam
The Age of The Crusades
Islam and the Modern World
History of the Middle East 2
History of the Middle East 2
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Elementary Arabic 2
Elementary Arabic 2
Intermediate Arabic 2
Intermediate Arabic 2
Arab Culture and Civilization 2
Advanced Arabic 2
Advanced Arabic 2
Modern Arabic Literature in Translation 2
Topics in Arab Cinema 2
School of Visual Arts
Islamic Art and Architecture
Political Science
The State of Israel: A Political History
Government and International Affairs
Middle East Geopolitics
Understanding The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
Middle East Economics
Total Credits18

ARBC 1105 Elementary Arabic, ARBC 1106 Elementary Arabic, ARBC 2105 Intermediate Arabic, ARBC 2106 Intermediate Arabic, ARBC 3105 Advanced Arabic, ARBC 3106 Advanced Arabic, and HEB 1104 /JUD 1104 , HEB 1114 /JUD 1114 count as language classes.


Course offerings listed in both Section I and Section II may not be counted twice.

Special offerings, topics courses, Independent Study (4974), Special Study (2984 or 4984), or Undergraduate Research (4994) in any department, so long as the topic is appropriate, may also be counted towards this minor. Permission to include courses not specifically listed here, however, must be granted by the minor coordinator.

Please note that all upper division courses may require prerequisites. Students must take responsibility to familiarize themselves with any prerequisites that may be required when selecting courses.

Students must have an over-all GPA of 2.0 and an in-minor GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate. According to Policy 11(c) all courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor will be used to determine the minor GPA.

Students interested in the Middle East Studies Minor are encouraged to talk with Dr. Rachel Scott, 203 Major Williams, rmscott@vt.edu, 540-231-4848.