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Systems Biology (SYSB) Minor

Required Minor Courses
SYSB 2024Fundamentals of Systems Biology3
SYSB 2034Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology3
SYSB 3035Genomics and Bioinformatics4
SYSB 3115Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology4
SYSB 3036Genomics and Bioinformatics4
or SYSB 3116 Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology
Total Credits18

Acceptable Substitutions

  • SYSB 2034 Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology can be substituted with MATH 2214 Introduction to Differential Equations 
  • SYSB 3036 Genomics and Bioinformatics can be substituted with CS 3824 Introduction to Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, or CMDA 3654 Introductory Data Analytics and Visualization / STAT 3654 Introductory Data Analytics and Visualization / CS 3654 Introductory Data Analytics and Visualization or STAT 4364 Introduction to Statistical Genomics
  • SYSB 3116 Network Dynamics and Cell Physiology can be substituted with CS 4214 Simulation and Modeling, or CMDA 4604 Intermediate Topics in Mathematical Modeling, or CMDA 4664 Computational Intensive Stochastic Modeling / STAT 4664 Computational Intensive Stochastic Modleing

Minimum GPA

A minimum minor GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill the minor is required.


Some courses listed on these checksheets have prerequisites, please consult the University Course Catalog, or check with your advisor.