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Mathematics (MATH) Minor

I. Required Minor Courses
MATH 1225Calculus of a Single Variable 14
MATH 1226Calculus of a Single Variable 14
MATH 2114Introduction to Linear Algebra 13
MATH 2204Introduction to Multivariable Calculus 13
or CMDA 2005 Integrated Quantitative Sciences
MATH 2214Introduction to Differential Equations 13
or CMDA 2006 Integrated Quantitative Sciences
II. Elective Courses
Select 9 hours numbered 3000 or higher of the following: 29
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics 1
Special Study 1,3
Mathematical Modeling: Methods and Tools
and Mathematical Modeling: Methods and Tools 1
Intermediate Topics in Mathematical Modeling 1
III. Minimum Credits
At least 26 credits required.
IV. Minimum GPA
The courses used to satisfy the minor requirements must be completed with a combined GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Total Credits26

Some courses listed on this checksheet may have prerequisites and/or corequisites; please consult the University Course Catalog or check with your advisor.


The following may not be used:


May be used only with the permission of the Associate Chair.

Note: Unless specified, course duplications or non-mathematics substitutions are not acceptable in lieu of the specific courses indicated above.