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Forestry (FORS) Minor

Required Minor Courses
FREC 2214Introduction to Land and Field Measurements 1 3
FREC 2314Forest Biology and Dendrology2
FREC 2324Dendrology Laboratory1
FREC 3364Environmental Silviculture 1 3
Restricted Electives
Select a minimum of 12 additional credits of the following: 2 12
Forest Ecosystems
Ecology of Appalachian Forests
Forests, Society & Climate
Field Experience in Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Wildland Fire: Ecology and Management 1
Global Forest Sustainability
Principles of Watershed Hydrology 1
Forest Biometrics 1
Forest Measurements Field Laboratory 1
Forest Ecology and Silvics 1
Forest Harvesting 1
Forest Boundaries and Roads 1
Forest Fiber Supply 1
Natural Resources Economics 1
Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management 1
Forest Photogrammetry and Spatial Data Processing
Principles and Practice of Agroforestry
Forest Soil and Watershed Management 1
Forested Wetlands 1
Advanced Wildland Fire Management 1
Forest and Tree Pest Management 1
Total Credits21

Course has prerequisites or restrictions. Check course catalog or timetable for further information.


Three credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above.

Notes for the Minor in Forestry

  1. A minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 in these courses is required to complete the minor.
  2. All courses must be taken for A–F grade unless only offered P/F.

Steps for Completing the Minor in Forestry

  1. Sign up for the minor in the College of Natural Resources and Environment Advising Center.
  2. If you have questions about the checksheet, ask the Advising Center to put you in contact with the departmental advisor or a faculty member in forestry.
  3. When you request or update your DARS, be sure to include the minor so that it will check your progress on both your major and minor.
  4. Once you have enrolled in the minor, you cannot graduate until you either:
    1. satisfy the credit requirements for the minor, or
    2. withdraw from the minor by notifying the Advising Center of the College of Natural Resources and Environment (138 Cheatham Hall) and revising your DARS.