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Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) Minor

Application to the minor in Digital Marketing Strategy is open to all university students with at least a 2.50 GPA and at least 24 credit hours at Virginia Tech. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of their individual majors, students must complete the minor with at least a 2.0 GPA in the 21 credit hours required for the minor. The minor will be noted on the student’s transcript.

I. Required Minor Courses
MKTG 3104Marketing Management3
MKTG 3164Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy3
MKTG 4154Marketing Research3
MKTG 4164Social Media and Content Marketing3
MKTG 4204Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 4264Analytics for Marketing3
II. Elective Courses
Select one from the list below3
Total Credits21

Elective Course Options

ART 4534Topics in Applied Art and Design Studio3
ART 4504Topics in Multimedia Studio3
BIT 3424Introduction to Business Analytics Modeling3
BIT 3434Advanced Modeling for Business Analytics3
BIT 3444Advanced Business Computing and Applications3
BIT 3514Systems Analysis3
BIT 3524Database Management and Design3
BIT 4444Web-Based Decision Support Systems3
BIT 4454Business Analysis Seminar in IT3
BIT 4474Global Operations and Information Technology3
BIT 4544Advanced Methods in Business Analytics3
CHE/MKTG 4144Business and Marketing Strategies for the Process Industries3
CMST 3064Persuasion3
CMST 3124Interpersonal Communication3
CS/CMDA 3634Computer Science Foundations for Computational Modeling and Data Analytics3
CS/CMDA/STAT 3654Introductory Data Analytics and Visualization3
CS 3704Intermediate Software Design and Engineering3
CS 3714Mobile Software Development3
CS 3724Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction3
CS/ECE 4570Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems3
CS 4604Introduction to Data Base Management Systems3
CS 4644Creative Computing Studio3
CS 4784Human-Computer Interaction Capstone3
ESM 4015
ESM 4016
Creative Design and Project
and Creative Design and Project
HTM 4354Information Technology and Social Media in Hospitality and Tourism3
JMC 4264Social Media Theory and Practice3
MKTG 3134Personal Well-being and Professional Success3
MKTG 4254Product and Price Management3
MKTG 4604Retail Management3
MKTG 4304Marketing Communications3
SBIO 3124Paper and Paperboard Packaging3
SBIO 3445
SBIO 3446
Entrepreneurial Wood Design and Innovation
and Entrepreneurial Wood Design and Innovation
SBIO 4024Packaging Design for Global Distribution3

Revised January 2022

General Information

  • Minimum GPA Requirements: Students must complete the minor with at least a 2.0 in the 21 credit hours required for the minor.
  • Prerequisite Requirements: Some of the courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites, please consult the University Course Catalog or check with academic advisor regarding prerequisites.
  • Major and Minor Courses: No more than 50% of the graded course credits required for the Minor in Digital Marketing Strategy may be double-counted by a student also enrolled in non-marketing business degree.