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Dairy Science (DASC) Minor

Required Minor Courses
ALS 2304Comparative Animal Physiology and Anatomy4
DASC 2474Dairy Science and Industry3
DASC 4374Physiology of Lactation3
Elective Courses
Select a minimum of 9 credits of the following:9
Dairy Science First Year Experience
Dairy Cattle Handling
Entrepreneurship in Animal Agriculture
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Animal Agriculture and the Environment
Applied Dairy Cattle Nutrition
Dairy Information Systems
Applied Dairy Cattle Genetics
Dairy Ration Formulation
Principles and Practices of Bovine Reproduction
Advanced Dairy Management Evaluation
Dairy Enterprise Management
Dairy Enterprise Management
Total Credits19
  1. Students who minor in Dairy Science must register with the Dairy Science Department and be assigned a faculty advisor.
  2. A minimum 2.0 grade point average across all courses taken in the minor is required for completion of the minor.
  3. Some courses in the minor requirements listed above have prerequisites. Be sure to consult the University Catalog or check with your advisor.