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Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP) Minor

Total Required for Environmental Policy and Planning Minor – 21 Credit Hours

Departmental Policies

In-minor GPA: Students must have a 2.0 or above in-minor GPA to complete the EPP minor. All courses listed below are used in the computation of the in-minor GPA.

Intra-SPIA Program majoring and minoring: No more than 50% of the graded course credits required for the Minor in Environmental Policy and Planning may be double-counted by a student also enrolling in a major under the Bachelor of Arts in Public and Urban Affairs.

Prerequisite Statement: Some courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites. Be sure to consult the University Catalog and/or check with your advisor.

EPP Minor Requirements

UAP 1024Leadership, Service, and Public Problem Solving3
SPIA 2554Collaborative Policy-Making and Planning3
SPIA 3554Transdisciplinary Problem Solving for Social Issues3
UAP 3354Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning3
UAP 3014Urban Policy and Planning3
UAP 4344Law of Critical Environmental Areas3
UAP 4374Land Use and Environment: Planning and Policy3
Total Credits21