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Physics (PHYS) Minor

The Minor in Physics requires the completion of 21 credit hours.

Required Minor Courses
PHYS 2305Foundations of Physics4
PHYS 2306Foundations of Physics4
PHYS 3324Modern Physics4
Select nine credits of the following: 9
Math Methods in Physics
Intermediate Mechanics 1
Intermediate Mechanics 1
Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 1
Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 1
Introduction to Astrophysics
Introduction to Astrophysics
Thermal Physics
Quantum Information Technologies
Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Polymer Physics
Modern Cosmology
Introduction to General Relativity
Introduction to Biophysics
Introduction to Computational Physics
Intro to Physics of Galaxies
Total Credits21

Accepted Substitutions:

Minimum GPA

For the courses attempted by the student for this minor, the student’s GPA must be 2.0 or higher.

Prerequisites and/or Corequisites

For the courses listed above, prerequisites and/or corequisites apply. Please check with your advisor or consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog for additional information.