2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Entomology (ENT) Minor

Required Minor Courses
ENT 3014Insect Biology2
ENT 3024Insect Biology Laboratory2
Select at least three of the following: 1 10-12
Insects and Human Society 2
Bees and Beekeeping
Bees and Beekeeping Laboratory
Bees: Biology, Diversity, and Sustainability 2
Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Medical and Veterinary Entomology Laboratory
Insect Pest Management
Pesticide Usage
Aquatic Entomology
Freshwater Biomonitoring
Animal and Plant Biosafety and Biosecurity
Undergraduate Research (up to 3 credits)
Elective Courses
Select one of the following:3-5
Environmental Law
Agricultural Law
Introductory Parasitology
Freshwater Ecology
Invertebrate Zoology
Pathogenic Bacteriology
Technical Writing
Fundamentals of Environmental Science
Human-Wildlife Conflicts
Fish Ecology
Plant Pathology
Fundamentals of Plant Physiology
Statistical Methods
and Statistical Methods
Biological Statistics
and Biological Statistics
Total Credits17-21

two of which must have a laboratory class


Pathways Course

Credits Required for Entomology Minor = 19

A 2.0 GPA across all courses taken in the minor is required for graduation. Prerequisites may be required for above courses.