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International Studies (IS) Minor

Required Minor Courses
Select one of the following:3
Nations and Nationalities
Comp Gov & Politics
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to World Politics
The Global Economy and World Politics
Select one of the following:3
Selected World Problems
Selected World Problems
Elective Courses
Select 9 credit hours of elective courses (see below) 1,29
Total Credits18

At least 6 hours must be at the 3000 and/or 4000 level. Elective courses must be either in a single foreign language or from the courses listed below.


Other courses with an international character may also be considered. These courses will be evaluated for credit toward the minor by the International Studies Program advisor.

Hours Requirement: A minimum of 18 hours is required to graduate with an International Studies (IS) minor.

GPA requirement: GPA of 2.0 is required for the IS minor. All courses listed on this checksheet are included in the IS minor GPA calculation.

Prerequisites: Some courses listed on this checksheet have prerequisites. Be sure to consult the University Catalog and/or check with your advisor.

Dual Use of Courses: No course can double count within or between International Studies-related majors or minors with the exception of the Core Degree Requirements and IS 1004 Nations and Nationalities, IS 2054 Introduction to World Politics and IS 2064 The Global Economy and World Politics.

Intra-IS Program majoring and minoring: Students may pursue more than one major or minor associated with the International Studies Program. In this case, the policy pertaining to the "Dual Use of Courses" will apply.

Intra-departmental majoring and minoring: Students pursuing one or more majors associated with the International Studies Program cannot major or minor in Political Science.

Elective Courses for International Studies (IS) Minor

Please note that not all courses are offered each semester. Check in the Undergraduate Course Catalog or with the department offering the course to find out when courses are offered.

Check the Undergraduate Course Catalog or the Timetable of classes for the most up to date course restrictions and pre-requisites.

Africana Studies (AFST)

AFST 1814Introduction to African Studies3
AFST/RLCL 2144African Religions3
AFST/RLCL/WGS 2204Race and Gender in Religion and Culture3
AFST/SOC 2454Race and Racism3

Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAEC)

AAEC 1005Economics of the Food and Fiber System3
AAEC 1006Economics of the Food and Fiber System3
AAEC 1264Peace Economics3
AAEC 3024Monetary and Global Issues in Applied Economics3
AAEC 3204International Agricultural Development and Trade3
AAEC 3324Environment and Sustainable Development Economics3
AAEC/ECON 4135International Economics3
AAEC 4204Food and Agricultural Policy3
AAEC 4324Rural and Regional Development Policy3
AAEC 4344Sustainable Development Economics3
AAEC/FREC 4464Water Resources Policy and Economics3

American Indian Studies (AINS)

AINS/HUM 2104Oral Traditions and Culture3
AINS/PSCI 3684Indigenous Peoples and World Politics3

Arabic (ARBC)

ARBC 2774Arab Culture and Civilization3
ARBC 3304Modern Arabic Literature in Translation3

Communication (COMM)

COMM 2084Media and Society3

Economics (ECON)

ECON 2005Principles of Economics3
ECON 2006Principles of Economics3
ECON 3004Contemporary Economic Issues3
ECON 3024Economic Justice3
ECON 3214Money and Banking3
ECON 4124Growth and Development3
ECON/AAEC 4135International Economics3
ECON 4136International Economics3
ECON 4144Economics of China3

French (FR)

FR 2714Introduction to French Culture and Civilization3
FR 3205French Culture and Civilization3
FR 3206French Culture and Civilization3
FR 3304Introduction to French Literature3
FR 3306Survey of French Literature3
FR 3314Introduction to Francophone Studies3
FR 4314Studies in French Literature3
FR 4324Special Topics in French Life, Literature and Language3

Geography (GEOG)

GEOG 1004Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 1014World Regions3
GEOG/NR 1115Seeking Sustainability3
GEOG/NR 1116Seeking Sustainability3
GEOG 2004Water, Environment, and Society3
GEOG/IS/PSCI 2034Geography of Global Conflict3
GEOG/IS/PSCI 2134Geography of the Global Economy3
GEOG/IS/PSCI 3034The CIA: Its Capabilities in Todays Geo-Political World3
GEOG 3104Environmental Problems, Population, and Development3
GEOG 3254Geography of East Asia3
GEOG 3274Polar Environments3
GEOG 4054Geography of Wine3
GEOG 4074Medical Geography3
GEOG 4204Geography of Resources3
GEOG/UAP/WGS 4214Gender, Environment, and International Development3
GEOG/SOC/UAP 4764International Development Policy and Planning3

German (GER)

GER 2724Introduction to German Culture and Civilization3
GER 3204Culture of the German-Speaking Countries3
GER 3305Topics in German Culture and Literature3
GER 3306Topics in German Culture and Literature3
GER 3474Topics in German Cinema3
GER 4304Age of Goethe3
GER 4314Studies in 19th-Century Literature3
GER 4324Studies in 20th-Century Literature3
GER 4334Special Topics in German Life, Literature, and Language3

History (HIST)

HIST 1025Introduction to European History3
HIST 1026Introduction to European History3
HIST 1214History of the Modern World3
HIST 1215Intro to World History3
HIST 1216Intro to World History3
HIST 1224Conquest and Culture in Latin American Empires3
HIST 1515History of Africa3
HIST 1516History of Africa3
HIST 2124Topics and Critical Issues in World History3
HIST 2165History of France3
HIST 2166History of France3
HIST 2184History of the Balkans3
HIST 2345History of the Middle East3
HIST 2346History of the Middle East3
HIST 2355History of China3
HIST 2356History of China3
HIST 2364History of Japan3
HIST 3254The Vietnam War3
HIST 3324The Medieval World3
HIST 3334The Renaissance3
HIST 3344The Era of The Reformation3
HIST 3364The Age of Revolution and Napoleon3
HIST 3394Europe Since World War II3
HIST 3484Nazi Germany: History and Memory3
HIST/JUD/RLCL 3494The Holocaust3
HIST/RLCL 3504The Age of The Crusades3
HIST 3524European Military History to 17893
HIST 3534Modern Military History3
HIST 3544World War II3
HIST 3554Age of Globalization3
HIST 3594The Rise of Modern Latin America3
HIST 3614Imperial Russia3
HIST 3624Health and Illness in African History3
HIST 3644Twentieth-Century Russia3
HIST 3654Arab-Israeli Conflict3
HIST 3664Revolutionary China3
HIST 3674Topics in Chinese History3
HIST 3684Cultural History of the Soviet Union and the Successor States3
HIST 4004Topics in Social and Cultural History3

Humanities (HUM)

HUM 1324Introductory Humanities: The Modern World3
HUM/AINS 2104Oral Traditions and Culture3
HUM/RLCL 3204Multicultural Communication3

International Studies (IS)

IS/PSCI 4034Topics in Diplomacy Lab3

Italian (ITAL)

ITAL 3305Introduction to Italian Literature in Context3
ITAL 3306Introduction to Italian Literature in Context3
ITAL 3474Topics in Italian Cinema3

Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)

JMC 4044International Communication3

Judaic Studies (JUD)

JUD/RLCL 2134Judaism: A Survey of History, Culture, and Heritage3
JUD/RLCL/HIST 3494The Holocaust3
JUD/PSCI/RLCL 3544The State of Israel: A Political History3
JUD 4424Advanced Topics in Jewish Culture, History and Thought3

Peace Studies and Violence Prevention (PSVP)

PSVP 2044Peace and Violence3
PSVP 4104Global Society, Violence and the Prospects for Peace3

Political Science (PSCI)

PSCI/IS 4034Topics in Diplomacy Lab3

Religion and Culture (RLCL)

RLCL 1004Introduction to Religion and Culture3
RLCL 1024Judaism, Christianity, and Islam3
RLCL 1034Religion and the Modern World3
RLCL 1044Religious Ethics3
RLCL 1214The Medieval World3
RLCL 1904Religion and Culture In Asia3
RLCL 2004Case Studies in Religion and Culture3
RLCL/SOC 2054Ethnography: Studying Culture3
RLCL/JUD 2134Judaism: A Survey of History, Culture, and Heritage3
RLCL/AFST 2144African Religions3
RLCL/AFST/WGS 2204Race and Gender in Religion and Culture3
RLCL 2324Islam3
RLCL/IS 2474Religion and Violence3
RLCL/WGS 3014Women and Gender in Islam3
RLCL/HUM 3204Multicultural Communication3
RLCL 3214Religion and Culture in India3
RLCL 3224Religion and Culture in China and Japan3
RLCL/JUD/HIST 3494The Holocaust3
RLCL/HIST 3504The Age of The Crusades3
RLCL/PSCI/JUD 3544The State of Israel: A Political History3
RLCL 3604Islam and the Modern World3
RLCL/SOC 4024Sociology of Religion3
RLCL 4324Topics in Religion and Culture3

Russian (RUS)

RUS 2734Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization3
RUS 3304Survey of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation3
RUS 3314Survey of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation3
RUS/ENGL 3424Topics in Russian Literature in English3
RUS 4204Topics in Russian Culture and Civilization3
RUS 4304Studies in Russian Literature3

Sociology (SOC)

SOC 1004Introductory Sociology3
SOC 1014Introduction to Social Anthropology3
SOC 2004Social Problems3
SOC 2034Diversity and Community Engagement3
SOC/RLCL 2054Ethnography: Studying Culture3
SOC/AFST 2454Race and Racism3
SOC 3004Social Inequality3
SOC 3014Gender Relations3
SOC 3504Population Trends and Issues3
SOC 3854Globalization: Sociological Perspectives3
SOC/RLCL 4024Sociology of Religion3
SOC 4044Military Sociology3
SOC 4124Topics in Culture3
SOC/GEOG 4764International Development Policy and Planning3

Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 2744Topics in Spanish Culture3
SPAN 2754Topics in Spanish American Culture3
SPAN 2764Introduction to Latino American Studies3
SPAN 2774Minority Languages in the Spanish-Speaking Context3
SPAN 3304Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 3404Early Peninsular Culture and Literature3
SPAN 3414Modern Peninsular Culture and Literature3
SPAN 3444Early Spanish-American Culture and Literature3
SPAN 3464Modern Mexican and Central American Culture and Literature3
SPAN 3474Modern Spanish-Caribbean Culture and Literature3
SPAN 3484Modern Andean and Southern Cone Culture and Literature3
SPAN 4304Topics in Early Modern Literature and Culture3
SPAN 4314Studies in 18th and 19th Century Literature3
SPAN 4324Studies in 20th and 21st Century Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 4334Special Topics in Hispanic Life, Literature, and Language3
SPAN 4344Hispanic Literature and the Representation of History3

Urban Affairs and Planning (UAP)

UAP 1024Leadership, Service, and Public Problem Solving3
UAP 2014Urbanization and Development3
UAP 3014Urban Policy and Planning3
UAP 3224Policy Implementation3
UAP/PSCI 3344Global Environmental Issues: Interdisciplinary Perspectives3
UAP 3354Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning3
UAP/PSCI 3744Public Policy Analysis3
UAP/PSCI 3774Marxian Political Analysis3
UAP 4184Community Involvement3
UAP/WGS/GEOG 4214Gender, Environment, and International Development3
UAP 4264Environmental Ethics and Policy3
UAP/GEOG/SOC 4764International Development Policy and Planning3

Women and Gender Studies (WGS)

WGS/RLCL/AFST 2204Race and Gender in Religion and Culture3
WGS 3014Women and Gender in Islam3
WGS 3214Global Feminisms3
WGS/GEOG/UAP 4214Gender, Environment, and International Development3