2022-2023 Course Catalog

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School of Plant & Envir Sci (SPES)

SPES 1004 - First Year Seminar (1 credit) 

Exploration of topics related to the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences from a multidisciplinary perspective focusing on communication and teamwork, problem-solving, inquiry, and digital literacy.

SPES 1984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 2004 - Cannabis - Science, Industry, and Culture (3 credits) 

Major crops in the genus Cannabis (hemp and marijuana). Historical development, botanical aspects, and current research. Medicinal, recreational and industrial products and their use. Legal, cultural, political and socioeconomic issues surrounding cannabis crops.

Pathway Concept Area(s): 4 Reasoning in Natural Sci., 11 Intercultural&Global Aware. 
SPES 2244 - World Crops: Food and Culture (3 credits) 

How to feed the world in 2050, world crops, primary regions of production, factors that determine where they are grown, economic importance, and use in the human diet. Linkage between food and culture, recipe preparation, and their role in defining who we are, where we come from, and what we have experienced along the way. Tracing of food migration and the African, Caribbean, Asian, Latin American, and European influence on the American cuisine. The universality of food and how every single culture and religion uses food as part of the celebration of life, death, and many cultural events.

Pathway Concept Area(s): 3 Reasoning in Social Sciences, 7 Identity & Equity in U.S., 11 Intercultural&Global Aware. 
SPES 2964 - Field Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 2974 - Independent Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 2984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 3984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 4864 - Plant Sciences Capstone (2 credits) 

Writing and discussion-based learning synthesizing prior knowledge gained in Plant Science degree program. Practice in science-based expository writing and speaking applied to undergraduate coursework, undergraduate research, or work-related experience in the Plant Sciences. Restricted to students in Plant Science degree program. Pre: Junior or Senior standing.

SPES 4964 - Field Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 4974 - Independent Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 4984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
SPES 4994 - Research (1-19 credits)