2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Technology Education (EDTE)

EDTE 1004 - Introduction to Integrative STEM Education (3 credits) 

Introduction to creative hands-on problem-solving using technological and engineering design and application. Comprehensive views of how technology and engineering require integration of knowledge to solve technological challenges. Intersection of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with society. Use of virtual and hands-on modeling to identify, evaluate, and test the proper materials and processes for product design. Professional skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication.

Pathway Concept Area(s): 6D Critique & Prac in Design, 11 Intercultural&Global Aware. 
EDTE 2964 - Field Study/Practicum (1-19 credits) 
EDTE 2984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
EDTE 3964 - Field Study/Practicum (1-19 credits) 
EDTE 4754 - Internship in Education (1-16 credits) 

Planned program of clinical practice in education under the direction and supervision of a university supervisor and a selected practitioner. Recommendation of program area and successful completion of Professional Studies required.

Cross-listed: ALS 4754 
EDTE 4964 - Field Study/Practicum (1-19 credits) 
EDTE 4974 - Independent Study (1-19 credits) 
EDTE 4984 - Special Study (1-19 credits)