2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Architecture, Arts, and Design

AAD 1004 - Exploring Architecture & Urban Studies (2 credits) 

First-Year Experience course for Explore CAUS majors. Overview of the college and its degrees, majors and minors, and career opportunities available to CAUS graduates. Presents college and university resources and services that support student success. Introduces students to the basic principles of the research process by focusing on inquiry, problem-solving, and integration of ideas and experiences within the fields in the College of Architecture & Urban Studies.

AAD 1114 - Play to Make-Materials, Tools, Processes-Creative Technologies+Experiences (3 credits) 

Transdisciplinary practice in an inclusive, collaborative environment, through the lens of creative technologies and experiences, to describe and evaluate the convergence between art, technology, and human experience in the arts, sciences, humanities, and engineering. Exploration of play for creation of ideas and artifacts (including, but not restricted to multimedia narratives, learning simulations, immersive/performative experiences, and data exploration). Inclusive collaboration with peers and practicing professionals in diverse fields. Critical consideration of creative technologies and the impacts on history, society, cultures, individuals, and communities. Collaborative research, design, creation, and exhibition of a transdisciplinary project to identify and address a global challenge. Course contact to credit hour structure: Lecture (1H,1C), Lab (3L, 1C), Design Lab/Studio (2L, 1C).

Pathway Concept Area(s): 6A Critique & Practice in Arts, 11 Intercultural&Global Aware. 
AAD 1204 - Thinking Globally (1 credit) 

Seminar for first-year students enrolled in Rhizome Living-Learning Community. Introduction to systems thinking. Simple and complex systems. Systems approach to sustainable development. International perspectives on, and goals for, sustainable development. Considers United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), SDGs History, global progress towards SDGs and Criticisms of SDGs and United Nations. Exploration of Rhizome LLC yearly theme.

AAD 1214 - Acting Locally (2 credits) 

Course for first-year students enrolled in Rhizome Living-Learning Community. Project-based learning through student-client collaborations. Applies systems thinking concepts and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Introduces design thinking as a model for problem solving, including problem definition and iteration. Student presentations, proposal development, exhibition, client feedback and peer critiques.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 1204 
AAD 1984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
AAD 2984 - Special Study (1-19 credits) 
AAD 4234 - Capstone Collaborations: Cross-Disciplinary Teams (3 credits) 

Collaborative cross-disciplinary research teams support discipline-specific capstones. Analyzes the interactive relationships between place, space, identity, and community in the United States and beyond. Engages in iterative research processes through reflective teamwork addressing complex problems in senior capstone projects. Synthesizes multiple, complex sources and creates coherent arguments including ethical analyses.

Prerequisite(s): ENGE 2094 and PHIL 3334 
Pathway Concept Area(s): 1A Discourse Advanced, 10 Ethical Reasoning