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Bachelor of Science in Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management

Consumer Studies Major

Program Curriculum

Degree Core Requirements
AHRM 1104Introduction to AHRM and Student Resources 11
Economic Well-Being
AHRM 2404Consumer Rights 23
ECON 2005
ECON 2006
Principles of Economics
and Principles of Economics
or AAEC 1005
AAEC 1006
Economics of the Food and Fiber System
and Economics of the Food and Fiber System
Product Analysis
Select one of the following:3
Resource Management for Individuals and Families 2,3
Clothing and People
Housing and the Consumer
Business Fundamentals
MKTG 3104Marketing Management 33
Action Learning
Select one of the following:3
Field Work/Practicum 2,3
Independent Study 2,3
Undergraduate Research 2,3
Study Abroad
New York Fashion Study Tour 2
Major Requirements
CONS 3404Consumer Education Strategies 2,33
CONS 4304Advanced Consumer Family Finances 2,33
CONS 4314Debtor-Creditor Relationships 23
CONS 4324Financial Counseling 23
CONS 4404Consumer Protection 23
CONS 4414Professionalism in Consumer Affairs 23
ACIS 2115Principles of Accounting3
or ACIS 1104 Careers in Accounting and Information Systems
COMM 2004Public Speaking3
MGT 3304Management Theory and Leadership Practice3
Controlled Electives
Select at least 15 credits from one of the suggested emphases below15
Free Electives
Select 14 credits of Free Electives14
Pathways to General Education 4
Pathways Concept 1 - Discourse
Select one of the following:3
First-Year Writing
and First-Year Writing (1F)
Communication Skills
and Communication Skills (1F)
Select one of the following:3
Technical Writing
Business Writing
Introduction to Professional Writing
Select three credits of Pathway 1a3
Pathways Concept 2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities
Select six credits in Pathway 26
Pathways Concept 3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences
HD 1004Human Development I: Childhood and Adolescence3
HD 2004Human Development II: Adulthood and Aging3
Pathways Concept 4 - Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
Select six credits in Pathway 46
Pathways Concept 5 - Quantitative and Computational Thinking
CONS 2304Consumer and Family Finances (5F) 23
MATH 1014Precalculus with Transcendental Functions (5F)3
or MATH 1025 Elementary Calculus
STAT 3604Statistics for Social Science (5A)3
Pathways Concept 6 - Critique and Practice in Design and the Arts
AHRM 1014Design and Art for Consumers3
Select three credits in Pathway 6a or Pathway 6d3
Pathways Concept 7 - Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States
Select three credits in Pathway 73
Total Credits120

For satisfactory progress toward a degree, these courses must be completed by the time the student has attempted 75 hours.


Courses included in in-major GPA calculation; in-major and overall GPA of 2.0 required for graduation.


Prerequisites or co-requisites apply. Consult your advisor.


The Pathways curriculum includes seven core learning outcomes (visit
https://www.apps.provost.vt.edu/pathways/table.html for a full list of approved pathway courses)


Consumer Products and Promotion Controlled Electives

CONS 4974Independent Study1-19
CONS 4994Undergraduate Research1-19
CRIM 3414Criminology 13
FMD 1204Clothing and People3
FMD 3104Fashion Retailing Concepts 13
FMD/PM/RED 3954Study Abroad1-19
HNFE 1004Foods, Nutrition And Exercise3
MGT 3324Organization Behavior3
MGT 3334Managing Human Resources 13
MKTG 3504Advertising 13
MKTG 4154Marketing Research 13
MKTG 4204Consumer Behavior 13
PHS 1514Personal Health3
PHS 3534Drug Education3
PSCI 3224Public Opinion 13
PSCI 3264Interest Groups 13
RED 2614Introduction Residential Technologies2
RED 2644Housing and the Consumer3

Prerequisites or co-requisites apply. Consult your advisor.

Consumer Financial Services and Counseling Electives

ACIS 1504Introduction to Business Analytics and Business Intelligence3
CONS 4974Independent Study1-19
CONS 4994Undergraduate Research1-19
FIN 2114Investments and Financial Literacy3
FIN 3054Legal and Ethical Environment of Business3
FIN 3104Introduction to Finance 13
FIN 3204Risk and Insurance3
FIN 3124Financial Planning for Professionals3
FIN 4104Retirement Planning 13
FMD/PM/RED 3954Study Abroad1-19
HD 2304Family Relationships3
MGT 3064Cornerstones of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 13
PSCI 1014Introduction to United States Government and Politics3
PSCI 1024Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics3

Prerequisites or co-requisites apply. Consult your advisor.

A sequence of 2 foreign language courses is required for graduation unless 2 high school credits of the same foreign language or 6 transfer credit hours of foreign language have been earned. These credits do not count toward graduation. See Catalog section on “Graduation Requirements.”

In accordance with university guidelines, courses satisfying Degree Core Requirements may not be Double counted to satisfy other areas of a degree such as in Pathways, Major Requirements, etc.