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Bachelor of Science

Building Construction Major

Program Curriculum

Degree Core Requirements 1
BC 1214Introduction to Building Construction I3
BC 1224Introduction to Building Construction II3
BC 2014Construction Principles I3
BC 2024Construction Principles II3
BC 2044Buildings & Materials3
BC 2064Integrated Construction I3
BC 2114Information Technology in Design and Construction3
BC 3064Integrated Construction II3
BC 3114Building Systems Technology3
BC 4064Integrated Construction III3
Major Requirements
BC 2104Building Effective Construction Teams3
BC 2134Construction Data Analysis2
BC 3134Temporary Structures in Construction3
BC 4164Production Planning and Process Design for Construction3
BC 4434Construction Practice I3
BC 4444Construction Practice II4
CEM 3084Construction Economy3
FIN 3054Legal and Ethical Environment of Business3
MATH 1114Elementary Linear Algebra2
MGT 3304Management Theory and Leadership Practice3
Elective Tracks
Select one of the four tracks below27
Emergent Technologies for Construction, Housing and Development (ET) Track
Residential Construction Technologies
Innovation in Residential Construction
Residential Housing and Land Development
Select six credits of Business & Management Electives 2
Select nine credits of Cognate Electives 3
Select three credits of Free Electives
Sustainable Building Performance (SBP) Track
Building Physics and Environmental Systems
Building Performance and Energy Management
Sustainable Building Performance Management
Select six credits of Business & Management Electives 2
Select nine credits of Cognate Electives 3
Select three credits of Free Electives
Information Systems in Built Environment (ISBE) Track
Building Information Modeling in Design and Construction
Digital Construction and Manufacturing
Lifecycle BIM for Facility Management
Introduction to Computational Thinking
Select six credits of Business & Management Electives 2
Select nine credits of Cognate Electives 3
Directive Elective (DE) Track
Select six credits of Business & Management Electives 2
Select 21 credits of Department Approved Electives
Pathways to General Education
Pathways Concept 1 - Discourse
COMM 1015Communication Skills (1F)3
or ENGL 1105 First-Year Writing
COMM 1016Communication Skills (1F)3
or ENGL 1106 First-Year Writing
ENGL 3764Technical Writing (1A)3
Pathways Concept 2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities
Select any elective from Pathway 23
Select a course from Pathway 2 that also satisfies Pathway 7 43
Pathways Concept 3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences
ECON 2005Principles of Economics3
or AAEC 1005 Economics of the Food and Fiber System
ECON 2005Principles of Economics3
or AAEC 1006 Economics of the Food and Fiber System
Pathways Concept 4 - Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
PHYS 2205
PHYS 2215
General Physics
and General Physics Laboratory
GEOS 1004
GEOS 1104
Earth Science: Our Past, Present, and Future
and Introduction to Earth Sciences Laboratory
Pathways Concept 5 - Quantitative and Computational Thinking
MATH 1225Calculus of a Single Variable (5F)4
ACIS 1004Accounting Foundations (5F)3
BC 2214Why Buildings Stand Up (5A)3
Pathways Concept 6 - Critique and Practice in Design and the Arts
Select an elective from Pathway 6a3
Select an elective from Pathway 6d3
Pathways Concept 7 - Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States
Select a course from Pathway 7 that also satisifes #PATHWAY-2. 4
Total Credits131

In accordance with SCHEV guidelines, courses used to fulfill the SCHEV approved degree core may not also be used to meet with Pathways for Building Construction or major requirements.


See Business and Management Electives table below


Students must have a cognate plan of study signed by their advisor, comprised of nine credits to form a focused area of study.


Some Pathways 7 courses may be double counted with Pathways 2 courses. Consult timetable and advisor for appropriate courses.

Business and Management Electives

Select six credits from the following:
AAEC 3324Environment and Sustainable Development Economics3
AAEC 3454Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship3
ACIS 2116Principles of Accounting3
ISE 4004Theory of Organization3
MGT 2064Foundations of Entrepreneurship3
MGT 2354Teams, Leadership, and Business: Cultivating Excellence3
MGT 3064Cornerstones of Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
MKTG 3104Marketing Management3
MKTG 4734Real Estate Marketing3
REAL 2004Principles of Real Estate3

Policy on Satisfactory Progress Toward a Degree

University Policy 91 outlines university-wide minimum criteria to determine if students are making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degrees. The Department of Building Construction fully supports this policy. Specific expectations for satisfactory progress for BC majors are as follows:

Upon having attempted 72 credit hours (entering as freshman) or 90 credit hours (entering as transfer), a student must successfully complete BC 1224 Introduction to Building Construction II, BC 2064 Integrated Construction I, BC 2114 Information Technology in Design and Construction, BC 2214 Why Buildings Stand Up, MATH 1225 Calculus of a Single Variable, PHYS 2305 Foundations of Physics. Student who does not meet the requirements will be notified upon reaching 72 credit hours (or 90 credit hours for transfer students) that they must complete any missing courses before being allowed to continue into the Professional/Upper Level BC courses. (BC Professional/Upper Level courses are all 3000 and 4000 level BC courses.) Student will have two terms of enrollment to rectify any deficiencies. Failure to complete these pivotal courses within 2 semesters will result in student being required to transfer out of the major. This policy is strictly enforced.

GPA Statement

Graduation/GPA requirements to include: Each student must meet the minimum University-wide criteria as described in Policy 91 and summarized in the Undergraduate Catalog. In-major and overall GPA required to graduate is 2.0.

In-Major GPA

Consists of all courses under the BC designation.

Repetition of Courses

All BC courses are not to be repeated more than three times, including late course withdrawals.

Foreign Language Requirement

Minimum requirement may be met in high school by completing 2 units of a single foreign or classical language. Students who do not satisfy the foreign language requirement in high school may do so by taking six credits of college-level foreign language (classical language or American Sign Language). These six credits do not count toward the total minimum hours required of the declared degree program.


Prerequisites for courses are listed in the Undergraduate Course Catalog. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the prerequisites for each course have been met. Students who enroll in a course for which they clearly have not satisfied the prerequisites or equivalent may be dropped from the course. Deliberate false statements testifying to the satisfaction of prerequisites constitute a violation of the honor code.

Statement of Hidden Prerequisites

Prerequisites for each course are listed after the course title. The letter grade notation , such as (C-) indicates the minimum grade students must earn in the prerequisite course. There are no hidden prerequisites in this program of study.