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Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Geography Major

Program Curriculum

Degree Core Requirements
GEOG 1004Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 1014World Regions3
GEOG 1084/FREC 1004Digital Planet3
GEOG 1104Introduction to Physical Geography3
GEOG 2084Principles of Geographic Information Systems3
GEOG 2314Maps and Mapping3
Select one of the following: 13
XXXX 3954
Study Abroad
Field Study
Undergraduate Research
Major Requirements
GEOG 3314Cartography3
Select 18 credits from the following: 218
Seeking Sustainability
Seeking Sustainability
Introduction to Meteorology
Introduction to Earths Climate
Water, Environment, and Society
Geography of Global Conflict
Introduction to World Politics
The Global Economy and World Politics
Introduction to Coastal Regions
Geography of North America
Sustainable Urbanization
Weather Analysis I
Geography of Tea
The CIA: Its Capabilities in Todays Geo-Political World
Environmental Problems, Population, and Development
Geography of Appalachia
Geography of Virginia
The U.S. City
Geography of East Asia
Polar Environments
Mountain Geography
Appalachian Communities
Geography of Wine
Medical Geography
Modeling with Geographic Information Systems
Interdisciplinary Issues and Ethics in Water Resources
Climate Change and Societal Impacts
Geography of Resources
Gender, Environment, and International Development
Tracking Environmental Change
Introduction to Remote Sensing
International Development Policy and Planning
Cognate Elective
Select one of the following:3
Ecology of Appalachian Forests
Forests, Society & Climate
Plants and Greenspaces in Urban Communities
Leadership for Global Sustainability
Climate Change and the International Policy Framework
Earths Natural Hazards
Environmental Geosciences
Global Forest Sustainability
Sustainable Nature-Based Enterprises
Green Building Systems
Introduction to Social Anthropology
Introduction to Data in Social Context
Social Research Methods
Biological Statistics
Free Electives
Select credits to total 120 credit hours28
Pathways to General Education
Pathways Concept 1 - Discourse
ENGL 1105First-Year Writing3
or COMM 1015 Communication Skills
ENGL 1106First-Year Writing3
or COMM 1016 Communication Skills
Select three credits in Pathway 1a3
Pathways Concept 2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities
Select six credits in Pathway 26
Pathways Concept 3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences
Select six credits in Pathway 3 36
Pathways Concept 4 - Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
Select six credits of lecture in Pathway 46
Select two credits of lab in Pathway 42
Pathways Concept 5 - Quantitative and Computational Thinking
Select six credits in Pathway 5f 46
STAT 3604Statistics for Social Science3
or STAT 3615 Biological Statistics
Pathways Concept 6 - Critique and Practice in Design and the Arts
GEOG 3314Cartography3
Select three credits in Pathway 6a3
Pathways Concept 7 - Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States
Select three credits in Pathway 7 53
Total Credits120

Must be relevant to major and approved by the Department


At least 12/18 credits must be 3000-4000 level


GEOG majors may not use GEOG 1004 Introduction to Human Geography or GEOG 1014 World Regions in this area


GEOG majors may not use GEOG 1084 Digital Planet in this area. Recommended sequences are (MATH 1014 Precalculus with Transcendental Functions and MATH 1025 Elementary Calculus) or (MATH 1535 Geometry and Mathematics of Design and MATH 1536 Geometry and Mathematics of Design) or (MATH 1014 Precalculus with Transcendental Functions and CS 1014 Introduction to Computational Thinking). Other acceptable sequences include: (MATH 1225 Calculus of a Single Variable and MATH 1226 Calculus of a Single Variable) or (MATH 1025 Elementary Calculus and MATH 1026 Elementary Calculus)


A course that satisfies another Pathways area and is also listed as Concept 7 will satisfy the Concept requirement simultaneously.

Geography Notes

  1. Satisfactory Progress: By the end of the semester in which the student has attempted 60 hours (including transfer, advanced placement, advanced standing, and credit by examination), "satisfactory progress" towards a B.A. or B.S. degree in the College of Natural Resources and Environment will include the following minimum criteria: having an in-major and overall grade point average of at least 2.0 and passing at least 24 semester credits that apply to the Pathways to General Education.
  2. In-major GPA Computation: Includes all courses designated as GEOG, an in-major and overall GPA average of 2.0 is required for graduation.
  3. Foreign Language Requirement: A sequence of two (2) foreign language courses is required for graduation unless two (2) high school units of the same foreign language or six (6) transfer credit hours of foreign language have been earned. These credits do not count toward graduation. See catalog section on "Graduation Requirements".
  4. Meteorology Double Major: Geography students planning to double major in Meteorology must complete 15 additional credits: at least 12 hours of GEOG coursework that is not being used to complete either major; and two distinct (3 credits each) field experiences that apply to each major.
  5. Pathways to General Education: Courses used to satisfy Pathways requirements cannot be double counted to also satisfy degree core requirements. However, Pathways courses may be double counted to satisfy other program area credit hour requirements.