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Bachelor of Science

Physics Major

Program Curriculum 

Degree Core Requirements
PHYS 2504Math Methods in Physics 13
PHYS 3314Intermediate Laboratory3
PHYS 3324Modern Physics 14
PHYS 3355Intermediate Mechanics 13
PHYS 3405Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 13
PHYS 3704Thermal Physics 13
PHYS 4315Modern Experimental Physics 12
Additional Course Requirements 2
PHYS 2325
PHYS 2326
Seminar for Physics Majors
and Seminar for Physics Majors 1
PHYS 2305
PHYS 2306
Foundations of Physics
and Foundations of Physics 1
PHYS 3356Intermediate Mechanics 13
PHYS 3406Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 13
PHYS 4316Modern Experimental Physics 12
PHYS 4455
PHYS 4456
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 1
MATH 2114Introduction to Linear Algebra 13
or MATH 2114H Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 2204Introduction to Multivariable Calculus 13
or MATH 2204H Introduction to Multivariable Calculus
MATH 3214Calculus of Several Variables 13
MATH 4425Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations 13
or MATH 4564 Operational Methods for Engineers
Select one of the following:1-3
Applied Complex Variables 1
Elementary Complex Analysis 1
Vector and Complex Analysis for Engineers 1
Select one of the following:2-3
Introduction to Programming in Python
Introduction to Software Design
Object-Oriented Engineering Problem Solving with C++ 1
Computational Methods 1
Restricted Electives
Select two of the following:6
Quantum Information Technologies 1
Quantum Optics and Qubit Processors
Introduction to Nuclear Physics
Introduction to Solid State Physics 1
Polymer Physics 1
Nanotechnology 1
Optics 1
Modern Classical Physics
Modern Cosmology 1
Introduction to General Relativity 1
Introduction to Biophysics 1
Soft Matter Physics
Introduction to Computational Physics 1
Intro to Physics of Galaxies 1
Free Electives
Select 2-5 credits2-5
Pathways to General Education
Pathways Concept 1 - Discourse
ENGL 1105First-Year Writing (1F)3
ENGL 1106First-Year Writing (1F)3
Select three credits in Pathway 1a3
Pathways Concept 2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities
Select six credits in Pathway 26
Pathways Concept 3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences
Select six credits in Pathway 36
Pathways Concept 4 - Reasoning in the Natural Sciences 2
CHEM 1035General Chemistry 13
CHEM 1045General Chemistry Laboratory 11
CHEM 1036General Chemistry 13
CHEM 1046General Chemistry Laboratory 11
Pathways Concept 5 - Quantitative and Computational Thinking 2
MATH 1225Calculus of a Single Variable (5F)4
MATH 1226Calculus of a Single Variable (5F)4
MATH 2214Introduction to Differential Equations (5A) 13
or MATH 2214H Introduction to Differential Equations
Pathways Concept 6 - Critique and Practice in Design and the Arts
Select 6 credits. 3 in design + 3 in arts, or 6 in integrated design & arts)6
Pathways Concept 7 - Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States
Select three credits in Pathway 73
Total Credits120

Course with prerequisites or corequisites.


MATH 1225 Calculus of a Single Variable-MATH 1226 Calculus of a Single Variable and MATH 2214 Introduction to Differential Equations or MATH 2214H Introduction to Differential Equations and CHEM 1035 General Chemistry-CHEM 1036 General Chemistry and CHEM 1045 General Chemistry Laboratory-CHEM 1046 General Chemistry Laboratory are also required of all Physics Majors within the B.S. Degree Program in Physics. They are listed in the Pathways to General Education section above.

Accepted Substitutions

Foreign Language Requirement

Students who did not successfully complete at least two years of a single foreign, classical, or sign language during high school must successfully complete six credits of a single foreign, classical, or sign language at the college level. Courses taken to meet this requirement do not count toward the credits required for graduation. Please consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog for details.

Satisfactory Progress Toward Degree

A student will be certified as making satisfactory progress toward the B.S. degree in Physics by satisfying the university’s academic eligibility requirements, as well as the following requirements:

  • Upon having attempted 60 credit hours, the student will have completed Section I Concept 1 and Concept 4 requirements, the Mathematics requirements (in Sections I and III) as well as PHYS 2305 Foundations of Physics-PHYS 2306 Foundations of Physics, PHYS 2504 Math Methods in Physics, and PHYS 3324 Modern Physics.
  • Upon having attempted 45 credit hours, the student must have 2.0 overall and in-major GPAs. All PHYS courses attempted are used in the calculation of the in-major GPA.
  • Upon having attempted 96 credit hours, the student will have completed PHYS 3314 Intermediate Laboratory, PHYS 3355 Intermediate Mechanics-PHYS 3356 Intermediate Mechanics, and PHYS 3405 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism-PHYS 3406 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism.
  • Upon having attempted 72 credit hours, the student will have completed the foreign language requirement by the close of the academic year (spring semester). [College of Science requirement]
  • Upon having attempted 96 credit hours, the student will have completed all credits for the Pathways to General Education.

Outcomes Assessment

Each student is required to participate in the department’s Outcomes Assessment procedures as determined by each year’s Undergraduate Program Committee and approved by the Department Chair.

Minimum Hours and GPA Required for Graduation

A minimum of 120 credit hours must be completed for graduation. A minimum overall and in-major GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation. All physics courses attempted are used in the calculation of the in-major GPA.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Courses in this checksheet have prerequisites or corequisites. Please check with your advisor or consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog.