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Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) Minor

The Minor in Professional and Technical Writing requires 18 hours distributed as follows: 1 

Foundational Courses
ENGL 3104Introduction to Professional Writing3
ENGL 3844Writing and Digital Media3
Elective Courses
Select four of the following: 2,312
Technical Editing and Style
Creating User Documentation
Visual Rhetoric and Document Design
Intercultural Issues in Professional Writing
Grant Proposals and Reports
Developing Online Content
Science Writing
Field Study (max 3 credit hours) 4
Magazine Writing
Total Credits18

All courses on listed on this checksheet (except ENGL 4964 Field Study) have as a prerequisite ENGL 1106 First-Year Writing or COMM 1016 Communication Skills.


At least one of which (3 hours) must be at the 4000-level.


Students declaring the minor who have already taken ENGL 3764 Technical Writing or ENGL 3774 Business Writing and who do not need that course to fulfill a major requirement may substitute that course for ENGL 3104 Introduction to Professional Writing.


ENGL 4964 Field Study is offered only as a Pass/Fail course. The course may count for the Professional and Technical Writing minor when taken Pass/Fail.

In order to graduate with a Minor in Professional and Technical Writing, students must complete all courses comprising the minor with a GPA of 2.0 or better.