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Latin (LAT) Minor

Requirements: 18 semester hours of coursework in Latin from the following list, including at least 6 credit hours at the 3000 or 4000 level. With the exception of LAT 1105 Elementary Latin, LAT 1106 Elementary Latin, and LAT 4004 Directed Studies in Latin Prose Composition all courses are variable-content courses and may be repeated for credit up to three times with different content. For substitutions, see your advisor for Latin.

Required Minor Courses
Select 18 semester hours of the following:18
Elementary Latin
Elementary Latin (cont.)
Cicero and Livy
Latin Epic: Vergil and Ovid
Latin Lyric: Catullus and Horace
Late Medieval Latin
Special Study
Readings in Latin Literature
Directed Studies in Latin Prose Composition
Independent Study 1
Special Study (Advanced)
Undergraduate Research 1
Independent Study 1
Special Study (Graduate)
Research and Thesis 1
Total Credits18

Courses can be included in the Minor only with permission of your advisor.

  • All courses taken from among those listed above will be included in the calculation of the minor GPA.
  • A student must complete all courses with a minimum 2.0 GPA for all hours attempted. In addition a minimum grade of C is required of all Foreign Language Minors in each of the required courses for the minor.
  • Required courses may be transferred only with the approval of your advisor for the Latin Minor.
  • Authorization to take coursework elsewhere should be obtained beforehand from the Dean's Office and the Chair of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.


  1. CLA 2444 Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology (= ENGL 2444 Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and RLCL 2444 Greek and Roman Myth) and CLA 2454 Topics in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature do not count toward a Latin Minor.
  2. No course required for the Latin Minor may be taken Pass/Fail.