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European Studies (EUST) Minor

Required Minor Courses
IS 1104Introduction to European Studies3
IS/PSCI 3804European Integration3
IS/PSCI 3814The European Union: Institutions and Policies3
Elective Courses
Select 9 credit hours of the following:9
Arabic (ARBC):
Arab Culture and Civilization
Economics (ECON):
European Economics
French (FR):
Introduction to French Culture and Civilization
German (GER):
Introduction to German Culture and Civilization
History (HIST):
Introduction to European History
Topics and Critical Issues in World History
The Age of Revolution and Napoleon
French Empire
Europe Since World War II
Nazi Germany: History and Memory
Imperial Russia
Twentieth-Century Russia
Cultural History of the Soviet Union and the Successor States
International Studies (IS):
Europe Country Analysis
Selected World Problems 1
European Union's Foreign and Security Policy
European Union's Foreign Relations
European Union's Foreign Relations
European Security Governance
European Political Economy
The European Business Environment
Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe
European Economics
International Enrollment 2
International Enroll Special 3 2
International Enroll Special 4 2
Study Abroad (var) 2
Topics in Diplomacy Lab 2
Topics in European Studies 1
Topics in European Union Policies 1
Topics in European Integration 1
Capstone Research Project in European Studies
Topics in Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop 2
Field Study (var) 2
Undergraduate Research (var) 2
Management (MGT):
The European Business Environment
Philosophy (PHIL):
Political Theory
Political Science (PSCI):
Political Theory
European Political Systems
European Political Systems
Politics of Post-Communist Systems
US-Russia Foreign Policies
Religion & Culture (RLCL):
Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe
Russian (RUS):
Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization
Sociology (SOC):
Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe
Spanish (SPAN):
Topics in Spanish Culture
Total Credits18

Topics courses: Topics courses can be taken up to three times (9 credit hours).


Course content: To count for the Minor in EUropean Studies the location or the content/topic of all experiential learning courses should be European in character. Those courses will be evaluated and approved by the International Studies Program advisor

Hours Requirement: A minimum of eighteen (18) credit hours is required to graduate with a Minor in EUropean Studies (EUST).

In major GPA: GPA of 2.0 is required for the minor. All courses listed on this checksheet are included in the minor GPA calculation.

Prerequisites: Some courses listed on this checksheet may have pre-/corequisites; please consult the University Catalog or check with your advisor.

Use of Courses: No more than 50% of the graded course credits required for the Minor in EUropean Studies (EUST) may be double-counted in a student’s Major.