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American Studies (AMS) Minor

The Minor in American Studies requires the completion of 18 credit hours, including at least 12 hours at the 3000-level or above, as follows. All courses listed are three-credit-hour courses. 

Required Minor Courses
HUM 2504Introduction to American Studies3
HUM 4104Explorations in Advanced Humanities Topics3
Elective Courses
Select at least twelve credit hours from at least two of the following four areas: 1 12
Area I: Literature
Contemporary Native American Literatures 2
Appalachian Literature
Ethnic American Literature
Studies in an American Author before 1900 (junior standing required) 2
Studies in an American Author after 1900
Area II: History and Politics
History of the United States
African-American History
African-American History
Colonial America
Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1917
Recent America, 1917-Present
United States Social History
Women in U S History
History of Capitalism
Women in U S History
American Environmental History
Introduction to United States Government and Politics
The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender
The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender
American Political Theory 2
Area III: The Arts and Communication
Topics in Architecture History and Theory 2, 3, 4
Folk Cultures in Appalachia
The Cultural Politics of Music in Appalachia
European and American Art Since 1900 2
American Art to 1914 2
American Cinema Genres 2
Oral Traditions and Culture
Theories of Popular Culture
The Sociology of Popular Music
Area IV: Cultural Studies
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to American Indian Studies
Topics in American Indian Studies 3
Introduction to Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Communities 2
Issues in Appalachian Studies 2, 3
Evolution of the American Landscape
Topics in Religion and Culture 2, 3, 4
Leadership, Service, and Public Problem Solving
Race, Class, Gender, and Sexualities
Topics in Feminism 2, 3, 4
Total Credits18

No more than one course (3 credit hours) may be at the 1000-2000 level.


Please note pre-requisite(s) for this course.


This course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.


These variable topics courses may be included in the minor when the topic is relevant to American Studies, as approved by the minor coordinator.

Special offerings, including Independent Study, Undergraduate Research, and Study Abroad, and relevant courses in this or other departments may be used to fulfill requirements of up to six (6) credits for the minor where appropriate. Permission to count such courses must be granted by the minor coordinator. Courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the minor cannot be taken as pass/fail unless that is the only way the course is taught. Students should check the course catalogue for the latest information on course pre-requisites.

To graduate with a minor in American Studies, a student must have an over-all GPA of 2.0 and an in-minor GPA of 2.0 from all the courses taken from the minor check-sheet.

Students who wish to complete this minor or want more information should consult with the academic advisor Amanda Villar, (540) 231-5033, avillar@vt.edu, or the minor coordinator, Dr. Emily Satterwhite, 344 Lane Hall, (540) 231-8779, satterwhite@vt.edu.